Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Prepping a fresh Ubuntu install

Very short and sweet TODO list after a fresh install. I have taken some of this from various guides on the net.

Disable dash:

# dpkg-reconfigure dash
-> no

Install localepurge (cleans documents from locales you do not use):

# apt-get install localepurge

Install vim-nox (I do not use X):

# apt-get install vim-nox

Install openntpd (purge ntpdate):

# dpkg -P ntpdate
# apt-get install openntpd

Time to secure the installation a bit... rather than repeat, please follow the links below and pick'n'mix your hardening options.


Useful links:

Stricter Defaults (Ubuntu docs)
Secure Ubuntu (rehash of the stricter defaults guide but with tools suggestions) 
Harden Ubuntu Guide (rehash of the stricter defaults guide plus some other suggestions)


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